Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Carousel Birthday Card

The month of September has 3 birthdays in our family, mine, my granddaughter who is 2 and my little nephew who is also 2.  I was playing with the carousel in the Carousel Cricut Lite cartridge.  It is really a neat cartridge.  Here is another pop-up carousel card.  I had actually cut it the wrong size for my granddaughter's card but was still able to use it.  Also, I didn't like the color so I cut a yellow one that worked better.  The carousel is actually 3 layers. Top layer covers the color I didn't think worked but I kinda of like it even better with the three layer of color. Pictures don't show the card very good.
This is going out to my little nephew.

(sorry it is a little blurry)

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