Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crafting by GiGi First Post

Hi!  Glad you found me.  I have two other blogs  called Reflections, I will use it for this and that kind of happenings, and called Reflections Two - America From Our RV Door, for posting our RV travels.

I thought that maybe it would be better to dedicate one blog for strictly crafting -- so here we go--

How It Began

I got a used Cricut Expression Machine around the first of 2011 and I have been making cards or at least trying to learn.  I started watching YouTube for help with the Cricut Machine and for inspiration.  So many crafters are so generous to share their talent and help.  They are really a great community on the web.  Thanks to all of them!!

Here is a Spring Card -  I was so ready for Spring when I made this.

I have a small home Embroidery business called GG's Threadables  and I thought "why not combine the two crafts" so here is a card I made using a little chick embroidery design.  
I think the little chick looks very proud of her egg.

Embroidery design from ATW embroidery.

Another card using embroidery.
Embroidery design from ATW Embroidery

This little chick is attached to a wobbler.  I just love these little springy embellishment tools.  She is so cute "dancing" about her egg.

I made a few other Easter cards,  but I guess I didn't take a picture.  I will try to do better in giving the recipe for the cards.  I am still new at this, but I am learning.  I'm not sure how much I can add to the wonderful community of crafters;  I am so amazed at all the wonderful things crafters in blog land. 

First cards I actually sold.  I didn't start this craft to make money and so surprised that someone would pay for them.  I got a cricut to do vinyls in combination to the embroidery, but first I needed to learn how to use the machine, thus cardmaking was born.  I have yet to do vinyls. hehe

My first pedestal card

Thanks for looking and please stop by again.